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Winning Your Virtual Interview

Remote work structures and a virtual interview process through online communication platforms have become the new normal for many organizations. While virtual interviews are often conducted with the same structure as face-to-face interviews, they require unique factors to succeed. 

According to Harvard Business Reviewthere are three components to consider to complete a noteworthy virtual interview:  

  1. Your Message 
  2. Your Setting 
  3. Your Delivery 

Your Message 

Your message is the information you hope to share during your virtual interview. Harvard Business Review offers three questions to ask yourself to develop your message and prepare in advance. 

  1. What is my passion? 
  2. What is one thing I want the interviewer to know about me? 
  3. What story should I share? 

Having a well-thought-through message demonstrates authenticity and clarifies your brand to the interviewer. 

Your Setting  

When sitting down for a virtual interview, it is valuable to consider your background. Indeed explains the importance of limiting distractions and clutter to focus on a professional appealBy replacing a stack of paperwork with your favorite books, your setting will become appealing, and you will differentiate yourself from your competition. 

Your Delivery 

As mentioned iForbeshaving good posture will help you to stand out as a potential candidate. A study found that “33% of interviewers decide on whether or not to hire a candidate in the first 90 seconds”. Engaging your head and hands, slowing down your paceofspeech, adding infliction to your voice, and speaking to the camera are just a few other strategies to help you maximize your potential 


Remote work structures have created many opportunities for organizations to conduct virtual interviews. Before joining your virtual invitation, consider these components regarding your message, setting, and delivery 



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