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Gender Diversity Impacts the Workplace

Gender diversity has proven to be beneficial to organizations for a variety of reasons. From job satisfaction and culture to financial stability, when women are involved, company performance improves 

Company Culture 

Women contribute to the development of a better work environment. According to the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)“having a higher percentage of women in an organization predicted more job satisfaction; more organizational dedication; more meaningful work; and less burnout.” Women help to create a more positive company culture 

Employee Engagement and Retention 

Gender diversity is positively related to employee engagement and retention. According to CCL, women contribute to meaningful organizational culture, making for a happier work environment. When employees enjoy coming to work, have work-life balance, and feel they are making a difference, staff retention is improved.  

Companies create a better reputation and see recruitment growth when they cater to a more diverse pool. According to Workplace, women bring a wider talent pool and allow for a better reflection of customers. Gender diversity offers different perspectives and enhanced collaboration. 

Company Performance 

Women have also proven themselves beneficial to organizations by boosting company performanceAccording to Workplace, gender diversity leads to greater profitability. GQR claims that with more women, companies also see an increased return on assets and equity.  


A diverse workplace benefits companies for many reasons, including improved company culture, engagement, retention, and performance. Organizations will experience positive results when they embrace the impacts that come with more women in the workforce 



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