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Nursery Industry Acts on 2021 Demand 

The nursery industry expects high demand in 2021and growers advise that consumers order early and stay flexible. Although the industry has greatly benefitted from the effects of stay-at-home ordersinventory is low, and demand is high 

Heightened Demand 

According to IBISWorld researchbeing at home regularly influenced many consumers to look to make “aesthetic upgrades to their homes and yards.” New and experienced gardeners were encouraged to buy plants to beautify their homes and outdoor spaces, while some were also inspired to grow their food. As mentioned by Nursery Management“the home environment has become the central hub,” and nurseries have experienced the effects of this shift.  

Nursery Industry Numbers 

While the beginning of quarantine disrupted several nurseries and caused anxiety among the industry, Farm Credit East claims that 2020 was an exceptional year for the green industryAccording to Nursery Managementnumbers reached “double-digit sales increases among growers across the country.” Mid-Spring through end-of-year sales even made up for early losses related to COVID-19 shutdowns. 

Nurseries started to look ahead to 2021 opportunities; however, nursery demand in 2020 reached such heightened numbers that growers had to dip into their 2021 inventory, most recently causing a shortage in the market.  

With limited supply and high demand, industry experts from Nursery Management suggest that consumers and growers “expect to pay (and subsequently charge) some higher prices in 2021.”   


As demand for home beautification continues, there is no slowdown suggestedThe nursery industry is predicting growth throughout the end of 2021. Early planning and flexibility will help growers and consumers this nursery season.  




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