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Fireworks, America’s Latest Shortage

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- Americans wanting to purchase fireworks to celebrate the holiday this year have found a limited selection with higher prices. From the start of the pandemic, we have seen consumer goods fall into continuous shortages and delays throughout the supply chain. Now fireworks supplies are showing up with an all-time supply shortage.   


  • Labor Supply Shortages   
  • Shipping Delays  
  • Limited Carrier Capacity  
  • Shortage of Cargo Space   
  • Limited Container Capacity   

Ports Delayed   

Preventative measures and labor supply shortage issues have risen, resulting in a bottleneck at the posts and transportation delays. Nationwide, the imbalance of container capacity and constrained carrier capacity have resulted in a significant delay in consumer goods leaving ports to arrive at their final destination.   

Effect on Consumer Goods   

Consumer products have been in limited supply following a shift in American purchasing behavior since the start of the pandemic in the spring of 2020. Consumers began spending less on leisure industries and more on consumer goods, increasing demand and decreasing container availability. Tightening capacity has continued to affect the supply chain, resulting in shortages and delays over a year later, even as the end of the pandemic approaches.   

Limited Capacity 

Due to the shift in customer spending from services to consumer goods, limited carrier capacity is prominent. As a result, shippers throughout all industries are securing carriers at growing rates to ensure their products continue to meet their destinations.  

The supply chain has taken a significant setback since the start of the pandemic. The backup of consumer products at ports, and the delay in transporting the goods, have significantly affected the consumer in both price and availability.  

Article published on NBC News 

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