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WZZM Features FWF on ‘One Good Thing’

KENTWOOD, Mich. – FWF had the opportunity to partner locally with Endeavor Elementary School in Kentwood to provide 400 students in 18 classrooms with school supplies during COVID-19. The goal was to support students, teachers, and staff during a difficult time.

In Michigan, teachers spend an average of $628 of their own money on classroom supplies, the second-highest in the country. COVID-19 adds to these existing challenges and FWF wanted to step in and help.

“The supplies you gave were such an amazing help and a wonderful surprise for all of our teachers!” said an Endeavor Elementary School staff member.

While picking up supplies, several generous shoppers noticed the carts full of school supplies and decided they would add additional donations to the cause. These funds allowed FWF to purchase seven more cases of notebooks.

FWF is a third-party logistics and transportation provider (3PL) which provides full-service logistics solutions to its clients through industry-leading service and reliability. Continuous opportunities for team members to engage with local community initiatives are an essential component of FWF’s values. 

“Our team truly values our outreach programs and enjoys helping those in our community. Our initiative to provide school supplies to Endeavor Elementary is new for FWF in 2021 and a program that we will continue in the years ahead,” says Ryan Hornack, Director of Marketing at Fifth Wheel Freight. 

FWF is honored to be a part of One Good Thing, a segment by Nick LaFave of WZZM that aims to tell stories of positivity in West Michigan.

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