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Remote Work Encourages Employee Retention

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- One positive lesson our team has learned from the pandemic is that good work can be produced and delivered regardless of employee location. Remote work is becoming increasingly important in 2022 as the traditional model of work is shifting and many of us are still getting used to it.  

Flexible work schedules have become the new normal as companies are seeing productive employees in both physical and virtual environments. In 2022, organizations are adapting to this structure and continuing to evolve their remote work options with an end goal to cater towards a candidate-driven market

Remote Work Has Clear Benefits 

  • Encouraging mental health and wellness 
  • Impacting sustainability  
  • Increasing productivity and performance 
  • Saving time and money on commute 
  • Building loyalty with employees 

Increased Employee Retention  

69% of millennials looking for jobs give up certain benefits for a more flexible working space, according to Findstack. By providing good benefits, candidates are likely to apply and be loyal to the organization, providing value and growth, a mutual benefit for both parties.    

Employees that have the ability work remotely, manage their time more efficiently and effectively to get more work done than they would accomplish in the office. Employees show to work longer hours and are more productive when they are virtual, according to a Stanford study.  

With employers offering a better work-life balance, employees are happier and healthier. People are prioritizing their lives and feeling more in control while working hard to be productive both in-office and out-of-office. 

FWF’s Investment in Remote Work 

At FWF, our team understands the importance of work flexibility. Through FWF’s remote work, paid time off, sick days, and other benefits, we are continuing to invest in the needs of an ever-evolving workforce. 

“Remote work has become an increasingly important topic with everything that has happened over the last few years. It is a benefit that is crucial to the success of a company in today’s world and something that more prospective employees are asking about.  

FWF recognized that and has made some major changes in order to provide that flexibility where we can. We have invested in our employees and have allowed flexibility with remote work. Today, it is more important than ever to be able to make a quick adjustment and have a contingency plan.” 

Nicholas Tazzioli, Human Resources Director at Fifth Wheel Freight   

At FWF, employees come first. Through competitive benefits, caring leadership, and unmatched culture, employees are ensured health and wellness are of utmost importance. FWF provides continuous opportunities for team members to succeed through events, rewards, and a healthy work-life balance.    

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