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COVID-19 has impacted our global economy on an exponential scale. As world economic powers, such as the United States, navigate this downturn, upcoming college graduates remain highly motivated. American colleges and universities are set to graduate over 4 Million students, as stated by, in varying degrees in 2020, and […]

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The Timeless Professional Skill of Communication

People working together using communication

Having good communication within a company is key to the success an employee will experience throughout their career. Being able to communicate with both workplace colleagues as well as upper management can create transparency and insight which will result in strong relationships. By discussing plans or conflict early, clear direction […]

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Internships, The Initial Driving Force in Career Growth

Man holding a briefcase

The importance of having an internship before graduating from a 4-year degree program is widely understood by young professionals. As students begin their studies in higher education, colleges and universities push the importance of gaining real world experience through internships outside of the classroom. Although not all degree programs require completion of an internship to graduate, many students seek out internships […]

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