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Nursery Industry Acts on 2021 Demand 

The nursery industry expects high demand in 2021, and growers advise that consumers order early and stay flexible. Although the industry has greatly benefitted from the effects of stay-at-home orders, inventory is low, and demand is high.   Heightened Demand  According to IBISWorld research, being at home regularly influenced many consumers to look to make “aesthetic upgrades to their homes and yards.” New and experienced gardeners were encouraged to buy plants to beautify their […]

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Logistics and Transportation: 21 Reasons for Optimism in 2021 

Industry leaders are optimistic that 2021 will be a transformational year for the transportation industry. Experts predict growth in a variety of areas that include those related to hiring trends, distribution demands, and COVID-19 products. 2021 is anticipated to be a successful year in transportation for 21 reasons.  The U.S. economy is relying heavily on truckers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  There is a […]

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E-Commerce Surge & Capacity Constraints Await Retail Peak Season

COVID-19 has drastically impacted consumers and altered their spending behaviors, causing a significant increase in global e-commerce. According to Transport Topics, “global e-commerce sales are expected to exceed $4 trillion this year compared with $3 trillion in 2019,” as detailed in a logistics trend report.  Shoppers have shown hesitation to go into crowded stores, and as a result, online shopping and pursuing pick–up orders have become their tendency. According to Hartford and Reed on Talk Business […]

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Transportation Industry Takes Stance Against Trafficking

highlighting the purpose of standing together against human trafficking

Introduction Human Trafficking continues to have a large impact on today’s society, especially with the numerous forms of transportation. Traffickers are always on the move, meaning they need a reliable form of transportation. According NBC News “because traffickers often exploit the transportation system to move their victims across the country, […]

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