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E-Commerce Surge & Capacity Constraints Await Retail Peak Season

COVID-19 has drastically impacted consumers and altered their spending behaviors, causing a significant increase in global e-commerce. According to Transport Topics, “global e-commerce sales are expected to exceed $4 trillion this year compared with $3 trillion in 2019,” as detailed in a logistics trend report.  Shoppers have shown hesitation to go into crowded stores, and as a result, online shopping and pursuing pick–up orders have become their tendency. According to Hartford and Reed on Talk Business […]

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FWF Market Insights: October 22, 2020

ECONOMIC ANALYSIS This report serves to help understand the economic trends occurring in the states that are currently open, or are in the process of opening up. All data is pulled from external sources, which are given credit throughout. WEEKLY ECONOMIC INDEX (WEI) The Weekly Economic Index (WEI) is a […]

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Outreach Initiatives Strengthen Communities & Businesses

One of the greatest initiatives for any organization to invest in is community outreach. Commitment to corporate social responsibility, according to SHRM, impacts employees on a variety of levels. The biggest correlation is that community involvement drives overall engagement. Engaged employees will surpass expectations to help their organization succeed. These individuals have the mindset that when their company wins, everyone wins.   A Stronger Organization  As stated by the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center, organizations that […]

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Company Culture Drives Retention, Performance, and Development

Landing a position at a company whose values align with their own is ideal for many job seekers. Candidates are most likely to thrive in an environment that will bring out their strengths and personality.   Finding this match is what holds an organization together and is considered a cultural fit, as stated by Harvard Business Review. The basics of assessing cultural fit can be found when evaluating a company’s mission statement or core values. This would include information about the company’s standards, goals, purpose, and beliefs. Combined, these details can capture the attention […]

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SBAM PODCAST: They make sure your product gets delivered when and where you need it

Fifth Wheel Freight’s Organizational Development Manager, Nicholas Tazzioli, had the incredible opportunity to be featured on the Small Business Association of Michigan’s podcast. This podcast was released this week and features an interview discussing the growth of FWF and its goals for future success. Visit the link below to listen: […]

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