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Company Culture Drives Retention, Performance, and Development

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Landing a position at a company whose values align with their own is ideal for many job seekers. Candidates are most likely to thrive in an environment that will bring out their strengths and personality.  

Finding this match is what holds an organization together and is considered a cultural fitas stated by Harvard Business ReviewThe basics of assessing cultural fit can be found when evaluating company’s mission statement or core values. This would include information about the company’s standards, goals, purpose, and beliefs. Combined, these details can capture the attention of like-minded individuals. 

Trends in Career Searches 

Based on data collected from ProSky, Inc.80% of the qualities recent graduates consider most important when choosing potential employer related to the company’s mission statement and core values.  

  1. Career Development 
  2. Corporate Culture 
  3. Work and Life Cohesion 
  4. Impact 

Individuals seek positions at companies where they can grow, fit in, balance their schedule, and make a difference. Assessing cultural fit is valuable because the perfect company varies for each person. 

Finding the Right Match 

When preparing for an interview, many recent graduates first research the hiring company and practice responses to standard interview questionsIn conjunction, candidates will stand out when they ask tough questions that analyze their potential 

According to Forbes, there are a few questions to consider before accepting a new job: 

  1. Do you share a purpose with the company? 
  2. Is the culture right for you? 
  3. Does it fit with the rest of your life or will it impact your daily schedule? 
  4. Why do you truly want to work there? 
  5. Will they appreciate the true you? 
  6. Do you want to follow the leader?  

As candidates answer these questions, they will have full clarity in order to gauge which company is their perfect match. These job seekers evaluate culture, mission, and values as they strive to align their prospective organization with their career aspirations. 


When an organization can bring together a group of individuals who have similar interests or goals, the opportunities for growth are endless. Aligning these qualities is an important piece of the career-driven puzzle. Cultural fit connects each candidate to the most compatible company and each company to the most desirable individual.  

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