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One of the greatest initiatives for any organization to invest in is community outreach. Commitment to corporate social responsibility, according to SHRMimpacts employees on a variety of levelsThe biggest correlation is that community involvement drives overall engagement. Engaged employees will surpass expectations to help their organization succeed. These individuals have the mindset that when their company wins, everyone wins.  

A Stronger Organization 

As stated by the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center, organizations that show interest in their community receive many benefits.  

  • Stronger business reputation 
  • Positive goodwill 
  • Employee respect 
  • Local networking and connections 
  • Differentiation  
  • Customer and employee attraction, retention  

As there is growth in these areas, the more enticing a company will be. On both a personal and social level, investing in community outreach opportunities engages employees 

Benefits to the Individual  

In a study from 2013 on ASBTDC, 82% of consumers considered social responsibility when deciding where to spend their money on a product or service. Building an emotional connectiobetween work and life balance is human natureEmployees will invest their time in things that carry significance to them 

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needshumans long to uplift their self-esteem after considering the basic needs of survivalInvolvement in outreach initiatives meets this psychological needMany candidates choose to be engaged with companiecommitted to community service.  


The benefit of this commitment goes both ways. As told by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, community outreach provides positive returns to local charities while also increasing company reputation, engagement, and performance. Corporate Social Responsibility strengthens organizations and the communities in which they serve.  

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