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Realizing Your Personal Brand

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Personal branding is the reputation that an individual carries with them. According to SMU Daily Campus, it is the “impression that your skills, experience, actions, and value leave on colleagues, past, present, and future.”  It explains who you are and the story behind your identity.  

Building Your Personal Brand 

As stated on Learning Hub, “85% of U.S. recruiters and HR professionals say that an employee’s online reputation influences their hiring decisions at least to some extent.” Not only is it important for companies to strive for a positive digital reputation, but it is valuable for them to acknowledge the significance of their employees earning one too. Nonetheless, research shows that candidates are more marketable when they understand the details of their personal brand. According to SMU Daily Campus, there are 4 steps that individuals can take to begin this vital process of development. 

  1. Figure out who you are: Your brand defines you
  2. Stick to your valuesTransparency and reliability will build other’s trust 
  3. Know your audienceDefine who you are targeting 
  4. Expand your networkConnect with important people in your industry 

These 4 courses of action are stepping-stones to market your personal brand and define your professional reputation.  

Marketing Your Personal Brand 

As stated by Forbes, “building a personal brand is critical when trying to stand out in your industry.” Individuals that market themselves well will diversify themselves from their competition and appeal to recruiters. Just as companies that have well-defined missions, values, and visions draw consumers in, candidates that pursue this opportunity for growth will capture public attention too.  

While having the major benefit of helping candidates stand out, a distinct personal brand will also guide individuals to grow and advance their professional careersAccording to Medium, “having a strong, strategically crafted personal brand with a carefully planned visibility strategy will bring enormous benefits to your career.” Medium has compiled 5 major career advantages that come with building a strong personal brand.  

  1. Positions you as a thought leader in your field 
  2. Gives you a competitive edge 
  3. Gives you control over your career 
  4. Gives you the power of influence 
  5. Attracts career opportunities 


Personal branding is a vital component of professional development. By building and defining a strong reputationcandidates’ market and diversify themselves from industry competitors and experience many career advantages. 


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