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Ship Your Goods with Industry Experts

Our shippers have access to an extensive, reliable, and pre-qualified carrier network, enabling shipments to be moved across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico with security and reliability.

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Dry Van

We secure capacity with the safest, most reliable trucking companies in the industry and match the right carrier for every load.


Our advanced transportation management system, experts, and pre-qualified carrier network ensure your temperature-sensitive shipments arrive on time.


FWF has a vast network of qualified flatbed carriers, allowing our team to secure the capacity necessary to service all of your shipping needs.


Through industry expertise, enhanced monitoring, and compliance documentation, we provide solutions for your over-dimensional and specialty shipments.


Our strategic railroad partnerships enable you to eliminate costs while transporting goods with reliability and security across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Freight Management

We provide complete logistics services, from RFP execution and procurement of core carrier base to tendering, tracking, and bill pay.


We have reliable capacity that streamlines the shipping process for time-sensitive freight to get your products delivered on time.

LTL Shipping​

Our international carrier partners can deliver your LTL shipments anywhere in North America with the convenience of online quoting, booking, and payment options.


Our certified core carrier base has proven experience hauling hazardous shipments, and our elite logistics solutions enhance the decision-making of your business.

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