Dain Ryckman, Logistics Consultant

FWF is the type of place that reveals how much you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. The energy, passion, and care can be cut with scissors when you step into the office every morning; and the co-workers make work fun every day. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Trevor Lawson, Sales Executive

When the time came for me to make a career change, Fifth Wheel Freight was the first and only place that I applied to. It’s been challenging and very rewarding, but it’s an awesome feeling to know that I’m on the ground floor of a thriving company that continues to grow year after year.

Paul Stryker, Logistics Consultant

The people and leadership at FWF make the establishment feel like family. I have grown tremendously from the mentorship and leadership supplied to me at FWF. I look forward to coming into work everyday and always feel welcomed.

Tyler Vlcek, Logistics Consultant

From the start, FWF has been a blast, everyone is supportive and willing to help each other grow as the company grows. This has made the grind for success to become something to look forward to every morning.

Daniel Munson, Sr. Logistics Consultant

FWF is the first place I have worked where it is truly an equal opportunity playing field where your hard work is rewarded. You have the autonomy to go after your goals and the support to make them a reality.