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Value of the Candidate Experience in 2021

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- The candidate experience typically refers to how potential candidates view the entire recruiting process. Improving candidate experience has become an essential responsibility for recruiting and HR departments as companies now more than ever are focusing on constantly improving the recruiting experience. 

After a year of uncertainty and constant change due to the pandemic, candidates have prioritized what is important to them for not only career advancement, but also a healthy work-life balance.  

Candidate Experience Factors 

  • The application process
  • Promotion of career opportunities  
  • Corporate career site 
  • Communication from applicant tracking system 
  • The interview process 
  • Communication with HR professionals, senior leadership, and team members 
  • Review and update candidate’s application status 
  • Candidate job offer or rejection letter  

Positive Candidate Experience  

A positive candidate experience involves clear communication during the recruiting process. If a company is not transparent with the individual or lacks consistency, it may turn off the potential employee’s desire to work for the organization. Research shows that candidate experience gives individuals a glimpse into how the company operates, even before they work there. 

The fight for talent is going to become more intense for U.S. companies, and employers will need to continue to evolve the candidate experience. The importance of a seamless start transitions into a positive experience long-term.  

68% of applicants believed that the manner in which hiring managers behave towards applicants in the recruiting phase represents how the organization manages their current employee base.  

By providing a positive experience, more candidates will be attracted, talent pool growth increases and retention of employees goes up.  


Here at FWF, we take pride in coaching our team members to grow in their roles, gain valuable skill sets, and build the foundation for long-term career success. FWF’s continued growth has allowed increased opportunity for our team. 

  • 212% increase in full-time careers at FWF since 2018.  
  • 80% of FWF interns earned immediate professional opportunities. 
  • 36 internship opportunities provided by FWF since 2018. 
  • 21 current managers promoted from entry-level positions at FWF. 

Updated: October 27th, 2021

We are constantly striving to make our candidate experience the best it can be. The FWF team works to provide potential candidates with a well-rounded process.

Application and Onboarding Experience 

Candidates expect an efficient application experience when applying for a job. According to Career Builder, one-in-five candidates spend less than 10 minutes on a job application. It is important to make applying for a position or indicating interest in a company as simple as possible. FWF’s process is easy and accessible through our careers page and you can stay connected with career opportunities by joining the FWF talent network. 

The interview process and onboarding are crucial for new hires because it determines their long-term vision of culture and career potential. 93% of employers agree a good onboarding experience is critical to influencing a new hire’s decision in staying with the organization, yet 29% of employees don’t believe their organization provided the right experience in onboarding to help them prepare and begin their new role. 


The FWF team has distinct confidence that reassures our trusted partners that we will continuously meet our elite service standards. Growth opportunities are endless for those who embody this mentality.  

If you would like to learn more about career opportunities at FWF, please visit the careers page

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