About FWF

We are a third party logistics and transportation company that prides ourselves on an unmatched service standard. Combined with our selective network of carrier partners, our operational structure provides an ability to seamlessly scale support based on the needs of our partners. We operate with a commitment to integrity, proactive communication, and a “solutions-only” mentality. FWF is privately owned, organically grown, and we believe no provider is ever above mastering the fundamentals of transportation service.

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FWF is Dedicated to

Scalable Operations That Just Work

FWF’s incredible growth in a short company history is a testament to carefully crafted internal processes that give employees and partners an effective edge.

Social Responsibility at Our Core

Our dedication to excellence doesn’t stop with our customers—the FWF team actively gives back to the community in both pre-planned and as-needed ways.

Comprehensive Service With Industry Expertise

24/7 support from our dedicated, experienced team means you’ll get what you need no matter the time, day, or season. We’re here to back you and ready to make things happen.

Our Corporate Values


Show, Don't Tell

Actions speak louder than words, and our value is in our execution.

Honor Your Word

Integrity is paramount. When we make commitments, you can expect us to follow through.

Impact Those Around You

Inside and outside the walls of our office, FWF teammates are here to make a difference for our customers, carriers, and to one another.

Education Creates Excellence

Our industry is ever evolving, and FWF is committed to maintaining expertise across our organization through a commitment to industry-leading training, talent development, and continual education.

Leadership Beyond Title

Leadership is not a job or a title. It is a set of habits and behaviors that drive growth and pave the way for continued success.

Do What it Takes

Its simple. No excuses, just solutions.


Founded in 2012 by Brian Bennett in Lansing, Michigan, FWF has risen to prominence as a contemporary logistics powerhouse. At the core of our company’s philosophy is a commitment to honesty and trust, ensuring that every customer shipment is managed with exceptional service and reliability.

Our ethos has propelled us into the spotlight, consistently earning us a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America since 2017. As part of our evolution, we seamlessly transitioned from Fifth Wheel Freight to FWF in 2018, marking a new era of growth and continued dedication to excellence. FWF’s narrative is more than just about rapid expansion; it’s a reflection of our collective effort, powered by integrity and a steadfast pursuit of excellence.

Executive Leadership

Our success starts with our team. With executive leadership that is dedicated to a growth mindset and metrics-driven leadership, the FWF team is committed to maintaining their strong trajectory by fostering a culture of high performance, integrity, and service mindset.

Our Track Record

FWF’s commitment to consistent, sustainable growth is reflected by our industry track record. An award-winning modern company, FWF is recognized across the nation for its excellence in business operations and well-structured team.

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