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Company Culture: Why it Matters

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- Developing an exceptional company culture is important now more than ever. For the first time in history, millennials have become the largest generation in the United States workforce, making up almost 54 million professionals, according to LinkedIn 

During the hiring process, millennials seek to find a long-term place of work where growth is guaranteed personally and professionally. This means beginning with extensive research and diving deep into the values of a company, the community and the culture.  

Culture holds the top priority for millennials when seeking a job, which is resulting in organizations implementing change to their cultural priorities. When asked to rate the importance of company culture on a scale of 1-to-10, millennials rate the importance of work culture at 8.5. The value of culture is so significant that millennial employees are willing to give up $7,600 in salary every year in order to take a job that is a better culture fit.  

The Benefits  

Culture is known as the values and goals within an organization. LinkedIn states that company culture is the only unique identifier to candidates during the recruiting process. The most crucial formula for companies is being sure to develop and maintain an exceptional culture. 

Shared Company Vision  

LinkedIn writes that company culture benefits an organization in the overall shared vision and gives a clear mission. This creates a direct path a team can follow to work towards common goals while embodying top values.  

FWF strives to embody four company values; leadership, excellence, unity, and trustFWF takes pride in uniting ideas, knowledge-bases, industries and key demographics to build the foundation for long-term career success. 

Strong Culture Begins with Leadership  

A strong culture leads to success. FWF develops exceptional leadership that drives the team to become innovative, influential members of the industry and community. 

FWF emphasizes team building and collaboration. Providing team members with continuous opportunities, such as events, rewards and a work-life balance are vital contributors to FWF’s culture.   


Company culture is part of an organization’s identity. Culture unifies employees and shapes the way employees operate inside and outside of the workplace.    

At FWF, the mission is to develop an exceptional company culture that inspires upstanding practices to empower all company stakeholders to achieve the highest levels of success.   

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