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Corporate Culture: Trends in 2022

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – In 2022, organizations are continuing to build corporate cultures that are efficient and constantly evolving. Companies are working to create a culture that will differentiate them from competitors. Each organization has its own unique corporate culture shaped by values and beliefs. A good culture directs candidates towards success in their professional development and personal growth. 

Employee Engagement Takes Priority 

In the workplace, there should always be an evolving and employee-focused plan for engagement. Employee engagement starts with feedback. It is vital to listen to what people are saying about leadership, benefits, flexibility, and culture. Employee feedback is most effective when it is a continuous process.  

It is important for employers to continuously give feedback and listen to what individuals have to say. Weekly, monthly, or quarterly reviews can help individuals feel comfortable, cared for, and recognized for their hard work. 

Benefits Matter 

Company culture can include a comprehensive benefits package. The right benefits package for employees increases engagement and productivity. It is vital that leaders of organizations provide their employees with the top benefits to ensure employee retention in a competitive market

With millennials taking over the workforce, benefits are more people-focused than ever. It is crucial to choose the right benefits to show employees how they are valued by the company. Focusing on benefits that are relevant in 2022 should be the focal point for organizations. 

Mental Health in the Workplace 

Being mindful of employees and their mental wellbeing reduces stress in the workplace and increases productivity while fostering a culture of belonging. 

This is an essential part of corporate culture that is progressing quickly. Companies need to respond to mental health in the workplace, as this influences employee experience with 80% of HR and business leaders said that employee experience is significant to them.  


With millennials occupying larger shares of the workforce, good benefits, professional development opportunities, employee experiences, equality, mental health resources, and many other factors work together to achieve one common goal – a successful culture. Company culture is going to be prioritized through collaboration, development, and employee wellbeing. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important topics for companies to address. 

2022 is bringing new opportunities for candidates as they reprioritize their careers. At FWF, we cherish our employees and take pride in coaching our team members to advance in their roles, gain valuable skill sets, and build the foundation for long-term career success. Visit our careers page to learn more. 

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