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Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces Encourage Employee Wellness

Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces Encourage Employee Wellness

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- Organizations and companies are turning their focus to diversity, equity, and inclusion to promote employee health and wellness. During the past 18 months, diversity initiatives have become an integral part of company culture and have proven to be a vital component not only in the workplace but in how people choose to live their lives.  

When companies focus on supporting and caring for all in their community and beyond, employees can feel a sense of belonging, security, safety, value, and respect that has an impact on company culture and individual wellness. 

Employee Care and Wellness 

Companies are beginning to prioritize programs that encourage the emotional wellness of employees. When people feel a sense of belonging and respect, they are more likely to stay and invest in company culture, which boosts productivity and revenue – as gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to notice higher financial returns. Additionally, employee care and wellness are being pushed to the forefront of leaders’ minds as they grapple with the current talent shortage.  

Taking diversity, equity, and inclusion seriously can provide workplaces with numerous advantages to company culture. Throughout this release, three main points will be covered.  

  1. Inclusive Workplaces Lead to Belonging 
  2. Inclusive Workplaces Lead to Value and Respect 
  3. Inclusive Workplaces Lead to Diverse Opinions and Ideas 

1. Inclusive Workplaces Lead to Belonging 

The University of Pennsylvania argues that companies are realizing diversity isn’t enough – there should be a sense of belonging for all employees. This sense of belonging is a necessity for many employees, especially as one-third of your life is spent at work. Companies are beginning to foster environments of personal belonging through empathy and compassion and it is imperative that organizations center their strategy around these ideas.  

2. Inclusive Workplaces Lead to Value and Respect 

Inclusivity in the workplace allows for employees to understand they are cared for and known to their employer beyond the work they do. Employers need to show an ongoing commitment to the people and the surrounding environment.  

When people feel like their voice matters and will be heard it leaves a sense of belonging. When individuals feel like they have a sense of value and respect from their employer, they grow in their self-satisfaction.  

3. Inclusive Workplaces Lead to Diverse Opinions and Ideas 

Creating a culture where individuals can feel respected and heard, allows for more idea generation. Employees are more willing to engage in conversations and generate new and improved ideas. The more the workplace gives others the opportunity to authentically be themselves the more ideas and opinions evolve. 

It is essential to make space for employees of unique backgrounds to share openly and honestly. Amplifying the voices of each individual and appreciating each person’s background is key to developing strong and dedicated employees. If voices are heard, employees will gain confidence in their ability to articulate their thoughts – leading to a more productive, wholistic organization.  


An inclusive company culture promotes individualism and acceptance. Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace is crucial. Employees are seeking the opportunity to work for companies that embody a culture that welcomes them for their differences.  

According to Sapling, 64% of candidates say that diversity, equity, and inclusion are important factors in the hiring process. Striving to create and continue a culture of inclusivity is a top priority for companies heading into 2022. 

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