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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- The economy ended the second quarter with strong momentum, following a reopening after distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. According to Reuters, 15,000 more jobs in April and May were created than in previous months.  

As more jobs become available, hiring picks up the pace within each industry. Informal interviews are now becoming a new trend for the hiring process. Companies are adapting to informal interviews because it has shown successful results for understanding the potential value a candidate could bring to the table and has proven a better result for employee retention. 

The Benefits 

Informal interviews give opportunity for companies to see personal strengths and goals. When conversing in a more casual setting, interviewers are able to dissect the candidate’s personality. Results have shown interviewees focus on honest answers which exposes their personality and work ethic, rather than scripted answers. This method helps to find the right culture fit. Additionally, a more casual interview environment allows candidates to be honest and genuine – allowing the company to more accurately assess the proper culture-fit.

Building a Great Team 

Thoroughly knowing a candidate helps to build a great team. According to Indeed, informal interviews allow a recruiter to get to know candidates personally and professionally. This is an efficient approach when it comes to interviewing because companies can better seek out the value a candidate could bring to the organization and the trajectory of growth they could have within their career.  

Culture at Fifth Wheel Freight  

Culture is a powerful driver to a company’s success. It is the root of team productivity, engagement, and performance. At Fifth Wheel Freight, culture is number oneFWF values taking the time during interviews to learn more about candidates.  


Informal interviews are trending up. The more an interviewer gets to know a potential employee, the greater the outcome will be for culture and growth of the company. 

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