Specialized Shipments

Through industry expertise, enhanced monitoring, and compliance documentation, FWF provides solutions for hazardous, over-dimensional, and specialized shipments.


FWF provides visibility to your automotive supply chain orders, shipments, and location through real-time tracking in order to meet the just-in-time shipping demands of the auto industry.

Wholesale Trade

Whether shipping non-durable or durable goods, FWF offers shipment tracking solutions and up-to-date market knowledge through enhanced technology and analytics. 


In the deadline-driven manufacturing industry, FWF offers industry expertise, GPS tracking, and consistent feedback to ensure your shipments arrive on time. 

Transportation & Warehousing

FWF provides trustworthy and elite supply chain solutions that will add efficiencies to your shipping processes, increase the visibility of your loads in transit, and improve your analytics.

Food & Beverage

FWF industry experts will provide reliable carriers, market insights, and competitive pricing to ensure your non-perishable, fresh, or frozen food & beverage shipments maintain their quality and meet their delivery deadlines.


Your nursery freight will be delivered on time while preserving its high quality through extra care and temperature control. FWF offers solutions for the efficient transport and delivery of your valuable shipments through our team of industry experts.

Retail Trade

Through our enhanced technology, analytics, and shipment monitoring, FWF offers real-time tracking of your shipments for total visibility. Our industry experts provide elite solutions and up-to-date market knowledge. 


FWF is SDDC approved and meets the needs for government and emergency response-issued transportation through expert reporting, GPS tracking, and vetted carriers. 


FWF focuses on the safety and timing of each shipment in the energy industry. While offering logistics solutions supported by enhanced monitoring, our team can provide increased load visibility for our customers.