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2022, A Candidate-Driven Market

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – For the first time in over a decade, the job market is making the transition to a candidate-driven market over an employer-driven market. In 2022, leverage has shifted from the employer to the applicant due to increased job availability and a lack of employees to fill roles. Employers are desperately in need of talent, putting job seekers in the driver’s seat.  

Recruiters and talent acquisition professionals will have to innovate to stand out and attract top talent within this competitive market. In 2022, recruitment strategies are projected to evolve with different sourcing tactics, data-driven recruitment marketing, and more.  

Employers are going to see smaller pools of candidates due to an increased number of opportunities, allowing candidates to be selective with long-term career goals.  

Factors that Contribute to a Candidate-Driven Market

Ways Employers Can Recruit and Retain Talent

  • Encourage career development – 45% of employees who left companies cite concern over a lack of advancement opportunities (LinkedIn).
  • Provide comprehensive training and learning – 23% of employees leave jobs due to a lack of training and development (LinkedIn).
  • Share stories of career transformation – candidates need to envision ways their careers can grow at an organization.
  • Invest in and empower employees – pouring resources into team members is essential to recruit and retain talent.

Candidates Value Professional Development

Candidates are looking for ways to see personal career growth through professional development. According to LinkedIn’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report, 64% of learning and development (L&D) professionals agreed that L&D has shifted to a ‘need to have’ in 2021. Additionally, the report claims that Gen Z professionals are learning more than ever and are focused on career growth as 76% of Gen Z learners believe learning is the key to a successful career. A culture that is focused on professional development at all levels within an organization will see success both at the employee level and company level.  

Candidates Value Personal Development 

When seeking a new job opportunity, candidates are seeking benefits that add personal value. Employees are looking for personal development as much as professional growth. Good employee perks always translate to a positive culture. A positive culture is built through work-life balance and individuals feeling heard, valued, and seen.  


2022 is bringing new opportunities for candidates as they reprioritize what is vital to their careers.  Our employees at FWF are vital contributors and key assets to our growth. At FWF we cherish our employees and take pride in coaching our team members to advance in their roles, gain valuable skill sets, and build the foundation for long-term career success. Visit our careers page to learn more. 

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